Colbert Report on Social Media: Control-Self-Delete Your Future!

In one of his latest shows on Comedy Central, Stephen Colbert uses his “The Word” segment to express a serious yet hilarious view of  today’s social media environment.

He cunningly points out the dangers of using social media in terms of privacy while showing how big social media giants such as Facebook are selling our information to the “highest bidder.

Enjoy The Colbert Report on social media below, in addition a few of my favorite quotes taken from the video:

  • The Internet is one giant resume“!
  • You see, social media is the only way to reach young people these days without giving your abs a nickname!
  • Once you are a disfigured, nameless loner, you will be the ideal candidate”!

Finally, I wonder: Are people taking the consequences of social media seriously? And what extreme measures should be drawn in order to protect ourselves from reaching to a stage where we need to change our names just to find a job?

Looking forward to your comments down below…

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