Honda + Car Town Game = Awesome Social Gaming Campaign

On a weekly basis, we present to you social media campaigns which we find interesting. We research them, analyze them and break them down into valuable information, tips and lessons which could be helpful to you when designing your next new social media hit.

However, this time we have a new flavor which comes in a combo form: a social media campaign which depends on a viral and spreadable application to attract its audience!

“Honda Motor Corp.’s campaign for its new CR-Z car features the hybrid vehicle in some colorful roadside billboards that can’t be seen from a freeway.” ~ Bloomberg

Honda Takes Social Gaming for a Test Drive

Car Town Application on Facebook

To promote the U.S. launch of its latest sport hybrid coupe, the Honda CR-Z, the company initiated a two-month advertising campaign in Car Town, a newly released Facebook game that allows players to use virtual currency to purchase, customize and store hundreds of vehicles in their own virtual garages. Players can then use these vehicles to take road trips and complete challenges to earn points to purchase additional vehicles and car-related products and services.

: 4/5
: 5/5
: 5/5
: No
: 4/5

Chrome Commercial: Taking Technology Out of Technology

This is a very nice video created by BBH for the Chrome browser, demonstrating the benefits of Google Chrome.

Every thing in this video is done by hand, an amusing feat for the Internet giant that thrives on technology. Even the music is played by a harpist live on set. Google, famous for its lack of design, is finally getting visually interesting.

What do you think? Do you like this ad? Would it make you move to Chrome? Does the strategy of moving away from 3D creations and jargon-filled techtalk work for products that serve our technological needs? Especially something as niche as a web-browser that does not exactly reflect on a lifestyle choice, as say, an iPhone would.

Via BBHLabs.

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