Black Friday Social Media Campaigns

Black Friday is a shopaholics’ crack cocaine, it’s the one day that people don’t need to make spurious excuses for why they need to buy an item, they just do. The name comes from the accounting practice of marking off profits with black ink, and the Friday following Thanksgiving marked the first day that retailers traditionally went into “black”.

This year, social media has forced marketers to change their game plans, while they traditionally were tight lipped about their offers, now they are trying to create buzz among consumers and trying to out-do the competition by carrying on a successful social media campaign that will help them attract more than their share of an expected 138 million shoppers that will hit stores this Friday.

Location Based Offers

Sports Authority's Campaign

There are several shops that are creating offers and promotions and campaigns centered around users checking-in to their stores on Black Friday. Sports authority is offering a $500 gift card to people who check-in to their stores on Foursquare and post it on Twitter, 20 people will be randomly picked and when a winner is selected a store manager will announce his name over the intercom system. They are also using their Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote for this campaign.

: 3/5
: 3/5
: 2/5
: Yes
: 4/5

Hunch: The Decision Maker — App Review

Make a Hunch?

It is very easy to become an expert at anything, all you would need to do is invest 10,000 hours learning and working in a specific domain to become an expert in it.

That is if you have the time for that, at 60 hrs/week, you will hit the 10,000 mark a few months after your 3rd year. For the majority of people, they are lucky if they achieve this milestone in a single field and a lot of people don’t even get to do that and hence we rely on those whom we perceive as “experts”. If you want to buy a camera, you talk your friend who seems to know a lot of about cameras, and if you need to buy a laptop you sit down and a “chit-chat” with the geekiest of your friends, who’s besides himself that someone is yet again asking him for support. tries to fill in that gap and become your own personalized expert that recommends things that fit your whims and tastes.

Power of Anonymous: The Collective Known As Anonymous

Anonymity is still a pillar of the internet, and a requisite part for certain parts of it to remain functional. One such part that we talked about here on the Thoughpick blog has been The site exemplifies the importance of anonymity on the net and why it is important to maintain that as a feature of the web. The main function of the website is that it enables people with a pipeline through which they can expose the deepest and naughtiest secrets of the world and act as whistle-blower central.

Microsoft Takes on Google with Social Outlook

These days, everything feels like it’s being drip-fed Social Media. Don’t get me wrong, I love Social Media, but companies are over-doing it, with the latest addition to the list of extensive-stitching-together being Outlook Social Connector.

8 Tips to help you Become a LinkedIn Power User…

8 Tips to help you Become a LinkedIn Power User…


LinkedIn seems like the middle child of social networking, and is a hugely underrated site. The fact that its a zero cost business networking tool should definitely play to its advantage and it will surely hit its prime in the future. Like everybody else the only reason I got to join LinkedIn is because I kept on getting invitations...

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