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Enough beating around the bush and let’s just face it: Some brands know how to use social media to their advantage while others don’t! It’s a rather simple statement that doesn’t need too much explanations or justifications. I mean with all the noise out there, getting your message through needs certain elements and variables which, when ignored, could turn against you.

Whether it is the fight between the iPhone and the Blackberry or the long lived battle between Apple and Microsoft, when a brand is able to use social media to capture attention, create awareness and build trust and loyalty, it has a higher percentage at succeeding and sustaining profits.

Women’s Domination: Sex Appeal, Competition & Multitasking!

A few days ago, I came across an article entitled: “Why women dominate social networking”, and it made me wonder: What are the logical reasons for such a phenomenon?

Join me to take a look at the following quotes:

Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult,” by Charlotte Whitton, and “There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women,” by Madeleine K. Albright.

The two main points that could be easily deduced from these quotes are the following: women have the ability to get things done faster than men, through multitasking, and women are clearly competitive amongst each other. These are facts that are scientifically proven in more than one article and study and both in real life and virtually!

1,2,3... Go!

1,2,3... Go!

Therefore, in my opinion, apart from the fact that women actually dominate social networks through sex appeal, they also do so through their competitive nature and their multitasking skills!

Women & Competitiveness…

The way I see it, women are always competing amongst each other. Let’s take Facebook for example, if female A posts a few pictures of herself wearing something “sexy”, female B automatically sees them and goes out, buys some new seductive outfit, takes pictures and posts them on Facebook! Thus, more interaction on Facebook! The same could be easily applied to written wall posts and comments, games played, things shared and so on.

As for LinkedIn, if female A has many contacts and recommendations, female B gets jealous and starts engaging more with people and looking for contacts to add. Again, more interaction on LinkedIn.

And the list goes on!

Yahoo! “to Take on Twitter”: Beyond Far-fetched!

Is it really “wise” to try to take on well-established services or platforms by imitating them? Does the fact that a company has a high market share in a certain field automatically translate into its a guaranteed success in other fields? What is happening to product/service specialization? And why is everyone is trying to be involved in everything?

Top 10 Web Startup Business Screwups!

Why do many new web startups, with great ideas, valuable assets and deep motivation, fail? What are the major mistakes small businesses commit leading them to failure? What can be done to prolong the life of a startup rather than bring its business life to a guaranteed end?

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