Supernova 2009: Taking Data Seriously [video]

Andreas Weigend talks about the revolution of the web and how important it is to “take data seriously”

The amount of data created by each person doubles roughly every one or two years!

Furthermore, 10 billion pieces of content are shared per month through the Facebook share button?!

Taking data seriously is dividing into categories: (1) Customer to Business, (2) Customer to Customer and (3) Customer to the World.

Based on the video above, I would like to know what you think: Are we really taking data seriously? Are we using it efficiently to attract customers, build loyalty, maintain friendships, educate and learn?

Apple Should Definitely Reconsider its Overall Strategy – Now!

If you have any of the following Microsoft operating systems: Windows 7, Vista and XP, be scared, be VERY scared, the black screen of death might be heading your way to deem your computer useless!

It never seizes to amaze me how a technology giant, such as Microsoft, can repeatedly fall into the trap of trying to create a solution which ends up being, in fact, a bigger problem!

When will the bad reputation finally pay back?

Apple vs Microsoft

Apple vs Microsoft

I am sitting now at the edge of my seat wondering: When will all this bad reputation and negative PR finally smite Microsoft down? How long can it keep standing its shaky grounds with all the competition out there? My answer is, if all other variables remain constant: never!

Almost every other day, there is a new story, post, article or press release about Microsoft’s failure in one department or another! One day, it’s a Hotmail problem; group e-mails you send out are only sent out to a few recipients! Another day, it’s a problem within its Microsoft Office suit. How about the problems within its operating system as a whole, such as Windows XP’s many errors and Vista’s bad traits?

Down with the Machines! [a geeky poem]

May they be computers, playstations, phones, cars, or any other electricity or fuel consuming, time wasting, people separating devices, the machines are taking over us!

Is Social Media Pushing TV to its Grave?

How is social media affecting the old, traditional yet long-loved media channel: the television? Is social media slowly pushing television to its grave? How is social media able to encourage less television viewing and promote more Internet usage simultaneously?

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