Abine Launches a Delete Button For the Internet! [video]

This week may mark one of the greatest launches yet made in the history of the Internet: Abine, a US based privacy company, has launched DeleteMe.

What It Does:

Instead of tracking down your old content and profiles online, Abine offers a service that costs between $10 and $100 to track down and remove your data online. The service combines a mixture of automated and manual processes to track down personal information. Abine staffers will do much of the leg work, taking advantage of privacy regulations and firing off emails and faxes to unresponsive networks.

Although Abine can’t yet guarantee the deletion of all of your personal information online, they promise that “they are doing their best“.

Skinput: Your Family & Friends… Just an Arm Away!

Microsoft latest gadget still in developing is capable of turning a human arm into a touch screen display. This is done without needing to implant anything onto the human”.

Supposedly, this gadget would be assembled as an acoustic bio-sensor to detect sound patterns created when tapping a forearm or palm. Each part has a specific acoustic signature that can be associated with functions like dialing a phone or playing Tetris. Pinching and flicking gestures can also be used for commands.”.

Microsoft’s Innovative Skinput Gadget

Microsoft’s Innovative Skinput Gadget

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