Social Media’s Hunt for Haiti Survivors!

Many disasters occur worldwide and yet, with our minds shut off from the world outside of us, we don’t even see them or even hear about them! Two earth quakes hit Haiti. The whole world was watching; not oblivious to what is going on this time.

Social media brings everyone together in support of Haiti and even further, in the hunt for survivors!

Haunted by Facebook: The Smoking Baby!

A very old saying goes along this line: “Every coin has two sides“.

Although I don’t entirely agree that this applies all the time, I must admit that I have faith in its meaning on more than one level and that it does really apply in many different situations. The argument of this post is definitely listed under those situations!

Social Media: Into Play

Since the emergence of social media, its tools, sites, ideas and influences, many things have changed such as:

  • The way people interact with each other.
  • The loose approach towards privacy.
  • The amount of information we share.
  • The way people handle their own personal feelings.
  • The reactions of people towards different crisis, problems or even causes.

In return, these newly adopted trends have created a gray area for wrong and right thus influencing our abilities to make well-studied, worthwhile judgments and, consequently, decisions as well!

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