Abine Launches a Delete Button For the Internet! [video]

This week may mark one of the greatest launches yet made in the history of the Internet: Abine, a US based privacy company, has launched DeleteMe.

What It Does:

Instead of tracking down your old content and profiles online, Abine offers a service that costs between $10 and $100 to track down and remove your data online. The service combines a mixture of automated and manual processes to track down personal information. Abine staffers will do much of the leg work, taking advantage of privacy regulations and firing off emails and faxes to unresponsive networks.

Although Abine can’t yet guarantee the deletion of all of your personal information online, they promise that “they are doing their best“.

An Interview with a Pre-Social Media Dinosaur!

What was life like before the web? How did people communicate with the outside world? How did the web, in general, and social media, in specific, change the quality of information and data we refer to and share?

Those questions, and many more, must have crossed your minds at least once. Therefore, in efforts to lay down the facts for you about the difference between pre-social media times and the times we live in now, we decided to interview someone who witnessed life through less geeky eyes. Someone who was there before the internet grew to become one of life’s necessities. Someone who is not a blind believer in the hype surrounding social media.

A 45 year old European lawyer with two masters degrees, who works in the field of international development and has worked for the United Nations. He was also interviewed by CNN, BBC and other prominent media channels. For the fun of it, we’ll call him: Leosaurus Rex!

The Past Vs. the Present:

Our Guest :P by Airaly

Our Guest: 'Leosaurus Rex" - Image by Airaly

It is ironic, according to Leosaurus Rex, that “in olden days” it would have taken him a bicycle trip to the library, given that he grew up in a family that could not afford an encyclopedia, to find out who coined the term “the pen is mightier than the sword“. Yet now that he is able to find out, through a quick internet search from the comfort of his home, that it was English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton who did, “the pen” has never been worth less because we live in an age where every Tom, Dick and Harry with a computer and a keyboard and, if we are lucky, a spell-check program, who believe they have something worthwhile for others to say can do so by “sharing” on the internet.

Supernova 2009: Taking Data Seriously [video]

Andreas Weigend talks about the revolution of the web and how important it is to “take data seriously”…

Health Radar: Mobile Real Time Disease Tracking [video]

When it comes to health issues, one of the major challenges of controlling the outbreak of any disease is real time information. The internet has already proved quite pivotal in tracking the outbreak of the H1N1(swine flu) Virus. Twitter, Google , and Wikipedia have been all excellent tools in obtaining real time information about the outbreak and this was certainly crucial in controlling the outbreaks.

Nokia in 2015 – The Way We Live Next

In general, the Nokia 2015 video promises a better, more comprehensive and interconnected platform for communication and services through the Nokia devices. This all seems well and good, however, there are some concerns that need to be addressed!

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