Be Ware! Top 8 Social Media Scams So Far [videos]

Every time I turn around there’s a new scam.” Maryanne Bessette

Scams, scams, scams… All around, everywhere… Now and before, here and there!

And for the past few years, scams are spreading even more and taking on a new face for everyone using social media to be seduced and deceived by!

Can you believe that there are websites, such as, dedicated to unavailing scam online?

Therefore, and in efforts to keep you safe, at least from social media inflicted scams, here’s a mixed list of top 8 scams you should know about and probably take to mind when using Facebook, Twitter and social media in general:

1. Free Facebook iPad Offer is a scam, Sophos reveals

iPad FaceBook scam automatically signs you up for a $10 a week premium cell phone service post from: FSMdotCOM.

Would You Be Mine… Online? The Pros & Cons of Online Dating

Are online relationships healthy, may they be through MSN Messenger, Facebook, Twitter or any specialized dating services? What are the advantages and disadvantages of relationships that are through social media from a purely neutral point of view?

Online Dating… What’s the deal?

Online Dating...

Online Dating...

Online dating seems to be one of the long lasting trends of the high-speed age we are living, especially to those individuals who are on the fast-track to career success and have no time for old-fashioned romance! Furthermore, and due to the many bad experiences people go through as a result of failed love relationship, online dating seems to be the solution to many people out there seeking to find true love that would last, overcome the superficial and have an actual happy ending!

But the question the love seekers should ask is: Is online dating really the solution? And what are the pros and cons it entails?

As is the case with almost every online service and tool, such as using Twitter at the enterprise, online dating is a double-edged sword with the advantages being as real and effective as the disadvantages.

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