Learn Social Media By Example: Dunkin Donuts Campaign

Social media encompasses a wide variety of tools, options and venues for strong product, service and individual campaign promotion and measurement. When utilized correctly, social media can reap great coverage, profits and exposure as well, igniting interest, creating awareness and enhancing a brand’s overall image. Therefore, and in efforts to allow you to better understand and grasp the right use of social media for your upcoming campaigns, the Thoughtpick team has dedicated a regular section for you tailored to analyze old, new and current campaigns in terms of audience, success, lesson learned and more so you could learn about social media by example!

Dunkin Donuts’ approach is one which I would call one of “a man with a plan”! Their continuous promotions to their fans through innovative, creative and fresh campaigns provide an an element of dial-up and dial-down within their social media venues; keeping consumers engaged but not overwhelmed and helping to create a longer term relationship!

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10 Social Media Campaigns that Rock! Learn How to do the Same!

What defines an exemplary social media campaign? What are the elements necessary to capture consumers’ attention and bring about interest and participation in any given social media campaign? What are the best recent social media campaigns online? How can we measure the success of a social media campaign?

A Brief Intro

It is definite that things in life are never just black or white; they usually come in different colors and shades which naturally applies to everything we do, see, touch, feel and so on.

Recently, one of the main focuses of companies with online presence and dedicated communities is creating and designing original, top-of-the-line, creative and motivating campaigns using social media.

Here is where the colors come in play! If we assume that colors are the intensity of a social media campaign’s success, brighter colors being most accomplished and so on, it can be quite difficult to determine which campaign was executed perfectly! Yet, after conducting some research, I have been able to highlight 10 brands that were able to pass the test with flying colors!

10 Social Media Campaigns that Rock:

1. “Give Me My Chuck” campaign – using social media to pressure the NBC to continue to broadcast the third season of Chuck!
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Save Chuck Campaign

Save Chuck Campaign

2. Sea World’s Whale social media campaign – a unique integrated campaign that “serves as a bit of a reminder about some of the clever social media marketing that can be done beyond the typical diet of Facebook Pages, Twitter and YouTube.”
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