Facebook Gearing Up To Take On Gmail

If there is anything that people haven’t stopped complaining about since the inception of Facebook – Nope, it’s not the new goats and farms that keep popping up on your home page – it would be the messaging service on Facebook. Things as simple as deleting messages is as grueling as grating your own finger. While it has been given some face-lifts over time, like adding a search functionality that only somewhat works and organizing series of messages in a single thread but it is still a far cry from being anything but a necessary evil.

Ask any Facebook user and you will find out how they have hundreds upon hundreds of unread messages that they don’t even bother to read or even delete.

Facebook New Homepage

Facebook New Homepage

The latest Face-lift that Facebook received on its 6th birthday was really telling about how they intend to  handle their notifications and messages. They have streamlined their design and created an area that has all your notifications instead of splattering it all over the screen.

The Insider’s Guide to Being a Top Spammer!

It is truly shocking how lucrative the spamming business is. You can earn up to $7,000 a day by being a top spammer and here is the top tips to help you achieve spam gold.

Tip 1 Be Part of the System

Users already trust the platform they are on and that’s why they use it. If a spammer’s ad looks out of place, people will be more suspicious of it. So the best thing to do is to locate the ad as it is part of the system. Adopt the Facebook font and clean looks with blue buttons. Make the ad look like a windows warning message and that will get people to click the ad more.

I bet you want to prove your in that 3.3%!

I bet you want to prove you're in that special 3.3%!

Tip 2 Gain Access

The best ways to get access to people’s information is to deceive them into giving it up voluntarily. Entice the customer with a chance to win an iPhone if they provide you with their email address. Even better, get them to do an IQ test and then ask them if they want the results sent to their phones! Any respectable spammer would know that a person’s email, phone number or getting him/her to download a toolbar are the top earners in the game. You know what I am saying?

Tip 3 Get In Bed With a Game’s Developer

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