8 Ways to Use Social Networks in the Classroom

Twitter in Education

Twitter in Education

Earlier, we talked about a few great resources for educators that are available for free online. These services were more focused on education and catering to their needs for creating internal social networking platforms, open-source blackboards and conferencing applications. They were great resources but they all required some amount of set-up and involved a bit of a learning curve to get used to them.

Today we are just going to share some ideas that help educators bring social networks into classrooms, utilizing some of the services that we all use. Ranging from Twitter to Skype we will share 8 ways that they can be used in the classroom.

Create a Twitter Account

Using Twitter for Teacher – Student communication allows for short and quick messages exchange. This is useful for students and teachers to ask questions and might be a great resource for the teacher in the preparation of her class notes allowing her to know which areas to focus on.

Bringing Social Media to the Classroom – Open Source & Free

Social media didn’t get the warmest welcome from the educational system, and it was always looked upon as total waste of time and a distraction. There are various reasons of why the use of social media tools in the classroom is still frowned upon by many educators, from the worries of content privacy and the over sharing nature of the classroom to others that rise out of lack of understanding of the social media environment itself. They might be valid reasons but they try to stop the wheels of time rather than go along with them.

Ironically students have been on the band wagon of social media adoption since the hay days of Myspace. The gap between them and their educators has been widening to the extent that when they try to educate their students in “internet” they are the ones taking notes of what is being said.

But things have been consistently warming up for the adoption of social networking as an education tool, and the wheels of the education system mammoth seems to be heading in the right direction. Hopefully ushering in a day where the computer in schools will move beyond its status of an over glorified workbook. So here are some of the tools that will provide the classroom and school with a lot of utilities and still address the concerns of privacy and the lack of control educators feel when using sites like Myspace and Facebook.

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