If You’re a Regular Facebook & Twitter Updater… Be Ware of the Consequences!

I didn’t see him or her; I was updating my Facebook status through my mobile!” replied the girl to the detective who was questioning her about her mother’s kidnapping.

Scary thought, isn’t it: someone you love and care about is kidnapped right before your eyes but you missed it because you were hypnotized by your social media infatuation, addiction, habit – you can call it whatever you may!

What’s the deal?

While watching television the other day, a scene in a movie stuck me hard and made me think of how Facebook, Twitter, Flickr (…) are slowly taking over our lives and, even more, causing us to fall into several dangerous pitfalls which could actually lead to great losses!

Therefore, in order to help you avoid, as much as possible, falling into those pitfall, I have prepared for you a list of 4 new dangers imposed by social media:

5 Reasons Why Parents HATE Facebook & Ways to Limit the Damage!

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook… The infamous social media channel that almost everyone around the world have heard of!

Have you ever wondered how parents might think of it?

I have, therefore, I prepared a list of 5 reasons why parents can hate Facebook especially when it comes to their kids using it, followed up by some tips and pointers that could help parents in their struggle to give their kids some freedom while making sure they are safe.

1. Easy come, easy go…

Facebook applications, especially those like Cafe World and Farmville, teach kids that everything could be achieved with just a click or a few. Many parents consider this very negative because it effects the way their children are growing up and alters their image of reality!

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