The (endless) Table of Social Website Platforms for Businesses!

How is Web 2.0 helping everyone stay connected in the business world? What are social website platforms, who are their main users and how do they promote business endeavors and initiatives? How can you find the best website to help you attain the reach and success you aim for?

Thoughtpick always thinks of you when researching a certain topic. Keeping your interest at the top of our mind’s list, we have prepared for you a seemingly “endless” table to help make your online research experience a tad smoother and more informative!

In a nutshell, there are many platforms out there to help a business build a social website. By a social website, we are referring to the ability of having a two-way conversation with your clients, and clients being able to talk to one another thus forming a community around your business.

This following carefully crafted table will discuss and cover the main issues related to social website platforms in terms of their target audience, effort needed to start using them, their interface, business value, limitations and further advices to help optimize your benefit from them. We also added a list of further reading and examples to help you better grasp what we are talking about throughout the table.

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Here is the table – just click on it to view the full table in full screen:

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The (endless) Web Monetization Summary Table! Start planning…

Have you ever opted to find all the answers you are looking for in just one place? Are you tired of visiting 30 or more websites to get the answers you are seeking: the how to’s, if’s and when’s to an issue of your interest? Well, your wish is our command: We are walking the extra mile for you :)

In this article, we will present you with all the unbiased and useful links, information and updates about the ins and outs of Web monetization; how intrusive Web 2.0 system monetization methods are, the most common utilized monetization methods and how successful are they. All you need to know about Website, Web application and Blog monetization is summarized with loads of links.

The six main monetization methods are listed in our humongous table below. In this table, we will be discussing, in details and with examples, how intrusive, successful and viable each of the monetization methods is in order to help companies, and start-ups in specific, develop an overall concept of what works most and why. We are attempting to summarize the 50+ articles we read, to help you cut through information clutter and develop a clear idea of your next move towards effective monetization planning.

The (endless) Web Monetization Discussion Table:

Click to view the full table (I tried to squeeze it in the post, but it was a mission impossible!).

Another method of monetization is allowing access to your unique dataset for statistical/marketing anlysis. Take Facebook advertising for example, it is light and non-intrusive from an interface perspective, and it guarantees privacy, by limiting possible information inference, through just giving general statistics for large numbers of users rather than to smaller groups. As mentioned in an article by Nial McFadyen of the VirtualMarketing Blog: “Facebook plan to give advertisers access to a wider of array of characteristics without exposing an individual’s personal information.

Finally, we hope that you’ve found this (quite long) summary helpful, and we would like your opinion on something: Will the current monetization tools become obsolete at a certain point in time and how soon do you think that will be?

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