The Coolest World Cup Apps on Facebook

The world cup is certainly an unparalleled event in the world of sports, or the entire world for that matter. FIFA World Cup™ expects that 28 billion cumulative viewers will be watching the World Cup this year, that’s about 5 times more than the entire world population and certainly dwarfs the ratings of the of the Super Bowl.

This is also the first year that social media will play a central role in the coverage of the event and since this is the world’s most favorite sport, people have great expectations from the way social media sites will be utilized during this campaign.

Here, at Thoughtpick, we realize that there is an overwhelming amount of campaigns, apps, profiles, and pages dedicated to this event so we “thought” to dedicate this space to highlight the main ones that are going on right now.

Goal! Leaderboard on Facebook

Buzz: 1,194,000+ Fans

Support your team

The Goal!Leaderboard application has the prospect of causing World Cup fans to go to war with each other. The application is based on the idea of finding out which of the 32 World Cup teams has the most passionate fans. People will express their support for their team by clicking the “like” button on it. Currently, Chile is leading the pack with 406,000+ with the Italians on their trail with 396,000+.

10 Tweeps Who Will Make You [fill-the-blank] Your Pants… With Laughter!

There are a bunch of people on Twitter talking about everything and anything, nonetheless, we all need our constant supply of laughter! So, in our unending service to humanity, we would like to share with you the top 10 funny tweeps who you must follow on your Twitter account.

These are people who perfected the art of a 140 character humor, and are able to knock you off of your chair with their brilliant “single” liners.

In no particular order…

Fake AP Stylebook:

If you are a press writer these are the advices that you definitely don’t want to listen to. It is a guaranteed laugh and they actually have hours of operation.

Gems Worth sharing:

Instead of “economic downturn,” try financial melancholy, money-storm, global bummer, The End Times.

“Stupider” and “Stupidest” are not words, but can be used when describing Internet message board comments.

Stupider and Stupidest are not words...

Stupider and Stupidest are not words...

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