NSFW: Tipp-Ex Youtube Take-over Campaign — Learn Social Media

Tipp-Ex is a correction fluid product that is popular in Europe but fairly unknown in the States. After the decline of the typewriter, the market for white-out fluid has considerably shrunk but it still survives on the margins. To bring the brand to the attention of the American consumer, the company created a very cool advertisement.

What is it about?

Tipp-Ex is the latest in a series of a new style of Youtube campaigns, the Take-over. In a Take-over campaign, the ad is no longer restricted to the video frame but goes further to take over the entire interface. We’ve seen it used by the likes of Samasung and the summer block buster movie the Expendables.

To get the full effect of a take-over campaign, you will have to watch the video on the Youtube website rather than from an embedded video. Try it for yourself.

What would you do with a bear?

In the Tipp-Ex campaign, we see a hunter being attacked by a bear and then he pauses and directs his attention to his viewer informing him that he doesn’t want to shoot the bear and giving the viewer a choice for what he should do next. Using Tipp-Ex, he erases the word shoot from the video and asks the user to write anything that he wants to help him complete his story.

: 4/5
: 5/5
: 4/5
: No
: 3/5

Death by iPod… True Story

A few weeks ago we published a post entitled: If You’re a Regular Facebook & Twitter Updater… Be Ware of the Consequences! At the point, I was trying to show our readers how the use of social media can be dangerous and even fatal at times. However, what I was lacking was numbers for proof.

Just 2 days ago, I read an article online which backs up that point and further stresses the point that social media and technology could kill you:

iPod Death Ad

iPod Death Ad

A 46-year-old woman has been reportedly wearing headphones when she was knocked down and killed by an ambulance last Saturday night. There is speculation she might not have heard the ambulance siren when crossing Parramatta Road at Mallett Street at Camperdown.

Feb-2010 Must-watch Videos: Skinput, OK Go, Youtube 101 & Chatroulette

The nature of the internet is filled with a lot of information and seeing it animated and simplified visual is certainly a blessing, since it opens our mind to new ways to see our world. Whether it’s through maps, info-graphs or psychedelic illustrations videos on the web surely added a much needed freshness to information and data on the web.

Nokia Musings: The mobile phone that can be whatever you want it to be! [video]

Nokia has always been a leader and innovator in the field of communication and this video gives us a glimpse at what Nokia is thinking the future will look like. They explore different application and uses that nanotechnology will have in the field of communication and some of the benefits of being able to achieve the dream of nano computing and how it will effect the way we communicate and interact with our reality.

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