Using Social Media to Promote Haiti Shops to US Consumers

Social media is, yet again, being tested to prove its worth, not solely to brands, services and products but also to a country and its economy.

Gelman and Brown, branding and social media experts, have a mission: attracting Americans to help earthquake-devastated Haiti the best way they know how: by shopping. How are they planning to do this? Through using social media, of course.

This is really about the rebranding of this country in the eyes of the American consumer,” Gelman said.

Made in Haiti

Made in Haiti

In order to create a drive for Haitian products, Gelman and Brown launched a made-in-Haiti promotional campaign on Facebook – an ethical consumer movement helping to support the rebuilding of Haiti’s economy in the wake of the January earthquake. “Choose Haiti” now has more than 30,000 fans.

5 Uncovered Myths about Getting Retweeted!

Every now and then, someone somewhere decides to fabricate or resurrect a new myth or urban legend which changes the way we see and even do certain things! Like, for example, I would not dare say “Bloody Mary” 3 times in a row in front of my mirror in the dark, no matter what the stakes are and even if it was a bet with great returns!

Busting the Myths about Retweets!

Busting the Myths about Retweets!

A few days ago, while wandering around in the social media realm, I came across a new fabricated myth molded into a post form called:“5 Secrets To Get Retweets That The Experts Won’t Tell You”.

Having had a great and prosperous Twitter experience so far, it really got on my nerves to read such a post, wondering: Who are those experts? And how would someone make such assumptions? Based on what exactly?

In a nut shell, this myth lessened my Twitter experience and turned it into a joke, which is why I decided to rebel by fighting it back!

Uncovering the Myth about Getting Retweeted…

1. Focus On The Sexually Active.

In this fantasy post I read, the author stressed the importance of focusing on the “sexually active” tweeps, saying that sex always sells! I tend to highly disagree, with a frown! From my humble yet vast experience, I found that most active, valuable tweeps are those who are more business-oriented; those who want to promote a high quality image and promote their designs, inspiration and even quotes that aim towards providing a better quality of life!

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