The “Like” Button: Facebook’s Covert Plan to Catalog The Web

Recently, small unassuming icons started popping up on various websites, little “like” buttons that are springing up next to movie titles on IMDB, a restaurant on Yelp or the hundreds of other products and services on the web with that button.

If that was all that Facebook was doing, then it wouldn’t really require the Zuckman to put a full on show with bells and whistles and all to announce this. This feature has been available for ages, whether through the Digg/Reddit or more recently the Twitter buttons. However, there are two things that make it quite the big deal.

Two things that makes this a big deal…

First of all, this new feature will allow Facebook to share your information which will in turn influence your experience on other sites. For example, if you have a tendency to ‘like’ spicy Mexican food then Yelp will “suddenly” develop a tendency to show you more Mexican restaurants. This is only one of the ways that this information might be used.

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