Top 10 Ridiculous yet Freakishly Popular Facebook Pages! [Episode 2]

Once again, to spice up your day, and allow you to be an eye witness for the naivety of some people out there, I present you with the Top 10 Ridiculous yet Alarmingly Popular Facebook Fanpages!

Here is a link to the previous hilarious episode.

1. “The guy who discovered milk….What was he doing with that cow?” Fanpage

Tagline: So what was he doing?

Likes: 1,307,344 People Like This

The guy who discovered milk....What was he doing with that cow?

Geeks Make Better Lovers: 8-Bit Wedding Invite

Aside from the fact that there are many endearing habits of a geeky spouse, which you can read about on Wired’s Geek Dad, my favorite thing about geekdom is that geeks are very passionate about being geeks.

We are geeks. We love video games. Why not have a video game invite?” answered Darina when asked her about how they came up with their invitation card idea.

She forgot to add that geeks also understand the value of going viral, even if it’s concerning nothing more than a wedding invitation.

What’s in a Card?

Bits and bytes. Oh, and a fun game too. The bride and groom custom-made an 8-bit Mario/Donkey Kong-themed video game which must be won to obtain the necessary wedding info. The two characters you can play with: Darina or Niko, who also happen to be bride and groom.

Green is the New Black: A Mobile Campaign with Potential!

Green phones are meant to reduce toxic waste without forcing you to give up your mobile communication habit – or even addiction!

Mac Snow Leopard vs. Microsoft Windows 7 on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook & Blogs…

Is social media turning into one of the main reasons for purchasing trendy, fashionable and tech products these days? Is it fair to solely depend on web marketing and social media channels (such as Youtube, Twitter and Facebook) in order to decide whether to purchase a certain brand or its competitor?

Does More Social Media = Shorter Product & Service Life Cycle?

Does More Social Media = Shorter Product & Service Life Cycle?

Beware Products & Services!

Is the relationship between the life cycle of products and services inversely related to the use of social media? How does social media influence the perceptions and even usage of products and services, especially when it comes to the trendy, fashionable and high tech ones?

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