EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars — Apps Using Social Media Brilliantly

This new series of articles on Thoughtpick – Apps Using SM Brilliantly – investigates examples of tricks and methods that online games and applications are using to make the most of social media. In other words, what is making those apps as “spreadable” and “viral” as they are.

The Application:

Playfish is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing social games companies. The company combines creativity, innovation and originality to create games for friends to play together over social platforms such as Facebook. Playfish’s mission is to change the way people play games by providing more social and connected experiences.

Playfish’s EA Sports FIFA Superstars allows you to build your dream team by signing the world’s best football players to your club. Furthermore, it allows you to upkeep your training and customize your formation to work your way to the top.

In terms of statistics, it’s a hugely popular game and currently has an increasing number of 4,800,000+ monthly active users, just take a look at its fanpage!

A sneak preview into the app

FIFA Superstar

What They Did:

EA Sports FIFA Superstars was developed in a way to attract football fans to play by themselves and share their scores and achievements. More importantly, they also focused on the social media side of the equation by allowing, and even
encouraging, their users to challenge friends:

12 World Cup Tweeps You #MustFollow

Yesterday, we reviewed 4 of the coolest World Cup Facebook applications, today is Twitter’s turn.

Twitter is certainly jumping on the World Cup bandwagon, they even added a new theme to celebrate the occasion. You can add it by going to Settings > Design, and choosing the “South Africa 2010″ theme. But Twitter will certainly be an important source of updates for the world cup to the extent that some teams like Spanish and the Dutch have banned their players from using it.

A further proof was provided on how the selection of Robbie Findley to the US soccer team instantly became a trending topic on Twitter, even though the whole thing is a surprise it wasn’t a big deal at all.

Twitter's World Cup 2010 Africa Design

Twitter's World Cup 2010 Africa Design

So here are the main Tweeps that you should be adding to your live stream.

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The Coolest World Cup Apps on Facebook

The world cup is certainly an unparalleled event in the world of sports, or the entire world for that matter. FIFA expects that 30 billion viewers will be watching the World Cup this year, that’s about 5 times more than the entire world population and certainly dwarfs the ratings of the of the Super Bowl.

This is also the first year that social media will play a central role in the coverage of the event and since this is the world’s most favorite sport, people have great expectations from the way social media sites will be utilized during this campaign.

Here, at Thoughtpick, we realize that there is an overwhelming amount of campaigns going on during this event so we “thought” to dedicate this space to highlight the main ones that are going on right now.

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