1,2,3… FIGHT! The Winklevoss Brothers Vs. Zuckerberg, Again?

The two Americans who were awarded millions of dollars after claiming they had come up with the idea for Facebook say their legal battle isn’t over“.

Zuckerberg thought that his nightmare was over, after having paid around $65 million for case settlement back in mid 2008, when the Winklevoss brothers came back for more! They are now vowing to continue with their steps for legal action in efforts to reclaim “what was rightfully theirs” in the first place: “It’s our duty to stand for principles. We’re willing to wait around and make sure that’s what right has been made right,” said Tyler Winklevoss.

The Winklevoss borthers gearing Up for the fight!

The Winklevoss brothers gearing up for the fight!

If you haven’t heard about this story before, here’s what happened in a nutshell: In 2008, the two brothers, ConnectU founders, alleged that Harvard classmate Mark Zuckerberg strung them along and stole their idea of creating Facebook and ended up settling. The settlement of the battle between Facebook and ConnectU involved the award of Facebook shares to the Winklevoss twins. They later on appealed over the terms of the settlement but the judge denied their request.

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Events, whether they are a local tweetup, a championship game or the world’s largest conference, can be notoriously difficult to plan, promote, and execute. But the end result can be amazing, and that is why we plan them in the first place“. Mashable’s Ben Parr

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