10 Ways Social Media Use Makes Cheating on Your Partner Easier!

When in a relationship, “thinking of, touching and talking with someone you are attracted to is considered emotional cheating“. By Yizhao Lang – Wikipedia

Together, let’s take the time machine back a hundred years ago, when technology seized to exist as opposed to its presence in our present days. Back then, there was a very limited window of opportunity for cheating in general; options were scarce and resources were less! With the introduction of phones and televisions, the options grew wider since now, partners became more exposed to the world outside; igniting their doubts and shaking their beliefs concerning the “right” person.

No Cheating!

No Cheating!

As we got introduced to the mobile phones and the internet, things got even more complicated: the ease of meeting and anonymously having secretive relationships grew! Many tricks of cheating developed such as adding a female’s name to a guy’s number for the partner not to be curious about who is calling, locking the mobile with a security code and so on!

Yet now, the mother of all cheating possibilities and techniques, has to be the child of Web 2.0 and social media!

10 Ways Social Media Use Facilitates Cheating:

Before I list to you these ways, allow me to assure you that this post, does not, in anyway, promote cheating or praises it! Rather, I would like to think of this post as an eye opener to help you realize what could be going on behind your back, or maybe even in front of you!

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