Facebook Apologizes for their Privacy screw-up… kind of!

I just got an email from my system with a screen shot of a message she just got on Facebook. The message stated:

Worried about search engines? Your information is safe.

There have been misleading rumors recently about Facebook indexing all your information on Google. That is not true. Facebook created public search listings in 2007 to enable people to search for your name and see a link to your Facebook profile. They will still only see a basic set of information.

Facebook Search Engine Privacy Message

Facebook Search Engine Privacy Message

NOT a rumor…

What Facebook is calling a rumor is documented by hundreds of posts around the web. About 2 weeks ago, Facebook’s “new and improved” privacy settings were announced. When you click next you get a screen to update your privacy settings (see image below). Many of the defaults on this page are to open your profile information to “everyone“, which includes search engines – and Google.

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