Microsoft’s “Browse Never” Campaign: Was the Puke Really Necessary?

Do creative ideas and original content eventually run out, especially when it comes to advertising and marketing initiatives? Is spending millions on “bad” advertising the new emerging trend to capture audience attention and spread the word about new products and services? How much impact do “bad” ads have on sales as opposed to good creative ads?

Naturally, any campaign or advertisement a company launches should be thought of as the front of its building; inviting people to come in. Moreover, ads should have a certain intrinsic value that has an ability to broadly influence the mind of the population — the collective consciousness. But what we see these days is quite different, especially when it comes to Microsoft’s “Browse Better” Campaign!

Yes, a few of the advertisements in this campaign can be categorized as funny yet the majority are a little less than lame while the “vomit ad” is a little more than revolting! Though it is true that this specific ad did “spit up a viral hit” but one must wonder, will it lead to more sales? I highly doubt it since now, in my head at least, the image of IE 8 is linked to puke!

What is going on with Microsoft? That is a question I would love an answer to!

I mean after some research, I was able to find the following flaws in Microsoft’s advertising methods, and I just wonder, again, how neither the management nor their marketing or PR agents, see those flaws yet!

Take a look:

  • Even in their efforts to show that Microsoft PC’s are better because they are less expensive, Microsoft clearly pointed out that Mac is “too cool” for customers linking Apple to a trendy, cool image!
  • What about trying to prove that Macs are just for children? Seriously? 1) What about expert designers who use Mac for better quality designs with less complications and errors? And writers who utilize Pages and other simple yet efficient Mac tools? 2) How could Microsoft think that by accusing Mac of being user friendly that even a kid can use it, they would hurt Apple? Apple can argue that they are building brand loyalty since childhood which is a key to a long product life! 3) How could Microsoft go against Mac being for children when they have used children in their own advertisements?
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