10 Worst Things about Facebook [Part 2]

Welcome to part 2 of the 10 worst things about Facebook that you should keep an eye out for (read part 1):

1. Want to be friends?

Maybe we can handle a few companies asking us to be “friends” on Facebook, but it never ends there! You go into you Facebook account and find friend requests from companies you have never bought from, or even worse, you have never heard of!

2. Hackers alert!

Don’t you just hate it when you get those messages from your Facebook friends that their account has been hacked and they have a new one you should follow them on? I mean I really don’t know which accounts are real and which are fake any more!

Hacking Facebook is easy!

Hacking Facebook accounts is easy!

3. Never ending quizzes:

Every day, one of your friends decides to take a quiz and almost always in involves you. But the problem is, although they are annoying, they are addictive too and a great way to waste time!

Facebook Fiercely Occupies This Week’s Headlines!

What a “mighty” week this has been for Facebook! The Internet has been buzzing with news about Facebook to no end. Ranging from your average blogs and sites to the most popular ones, multiple posts have been published about this social media giant up until today – Thursday!

So, in efforts to make your Facebook related information collection easier, here is a small list of the top Facebook news for this week:

Facebook Testing “Delete Account” Option

Bye Bye Facebook!

It appears that Facebook has released a Delete Account option, in addition to the previous Deactivate Account.

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