How Social Media Helps Spread & Promote Fanaticism!

Fanaticism is “a belief or behavior involving uncritical zeal, particularly for an extreme religious or political cause or in some cases sports, or with an obsessive enthusiasm for a pastime or hobby” – Wikipedia

As we all know, or at least should know, often, too much of anything has a great potential to bring about negative outcomes. Think about the riots in Armenia and Azerbaijan, the bloodshed in Yugoslavia, the political convulsions in India, the depredations against the Kurds in Iraq—all of these, and more, are mere illustrations of different forms and reflections of fanaticism.

With that in mind, I can’t help but wonder about the many ways social media actually helps fanatics spread their fanaticism, share their excess convictions and about the influence of that on communities and interactions!

This whole idea crystallized in my head as soon as I laid my eyes on a post recently published by New Mac Online, entitled: Apple Fanaticism. And although I must be very honest and admit that I am head over heals with my Mac, and that I have a deep hatred for PCs since most of the ones I owned broke down within a few months, this is just borderline scary!

Mac-Apple Tatoos!

Mac-Apple Tattoos!

Skinput: Your Family & Friends… Just an Arm Away!

Microsoft latest gadget still in developing is capable of turning a human arm into a touch screen display. This is done without needing to implant anything onto the human”.

Supposedly, this gadget would be assembled as an acoustic bio-sensor to detect sound patterns created when tapping a forearm or palm. Each part has a specific acoustic signature that can be associated with functions like dialing a phone or playing Tetris. Pinching and flicking gestures can also be used for commands.”.

Microsoft’s Innovative Skinput Gadget

Microsoft’s Innovative Skinput Gadget

8 Ways to Make the Most Out of Google Wave

I love Google Wave. It’s a brilliant idea, it’s brilliantly done, and it’s from Google. But what can you do with Wave? Oh, let me count the ways…

The Non-Geek Christmas Gadget Guide

This Christmas, get your friends and loved ones a Christmas gift gadget that they might actually use.

Minority Report-style User Interface [video]

In Minority Report one of the highlights of the movie for me was seeing was the computer system they used was simply manipulated hand gesture . So seeing this demo below was really exciting. This is the sixth sense system from MIT Labs, this system is made to interact with reality taking the virtual into the real and vice versa.

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