Seven Things We Now Know From 2009’s Search Results

Although 2009 is almost one month short of being over, Google has already published its yearly Zeitgeist, charting the year’s most popular searches, and subsequently charting the mindset of the world, as reflected digitally. Naturally, Yahoo and Bing followed suite.

It probably doesn’t come off as a surprise that Michael Jackson is the world’s biggest winner in 2009, even when it comes to search engine queries. He topped the internet charts with no competition, and even archenemies Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo agree together on that. Not to risk sounding insensitive, but death was definitely Michael’s best career move.

Aside from the King of Pop (as well as King of Search, apparently), the three search engine giants do not agree on the rest of 2009’s most popular search queries.

How do their lists compare? And what does it say about their users?

Red: Pop Culture
Blue: Social Media

Google‘s Year-End Zeitgeist List:

Google Search Query Breakdown

Google Search Query Breakdown

  1. Michael Jackson
  2. Facebook
  3. Tuenti
  4. Twitter
  5. Sanalika
  6. New Moon
  7. Lady Gaga
  8. Windows 7
  10. Torpedo gratis

(Sanalika is a Turkish Second Life with a network, Dantri is a Vietnamese news site, and Torpedo Gratis is an online SMS service in Brazil).

TechCrunch vs. Mashable Review – Part 2: Alexa, Quantcast & Content Comparison

If I were to ask you: Where do you usually go when looking to read web focused news and social media related stories and tips? The answer would probably be one of three: Mashable, TechCrunch or both!

In our first TechCrunch vs. Mashable review post, we compared and contrasted TechCrunch and Mashable in terms of general stats, interface & reviews. Here in part 2, we will be comparing these two sites in terms of Alexa and Quantcast stats and quality and type of content.

Google Trends: Mashable vs Techcrunch

Google Trends: Mashable vs TechCrunch

Mashable vs. TechCrunch on Alexa:

Through a short Alexa search, we were able to deduce the following differences between the two hard-headed opponents: Mashable & TechCrunch. Take a look:

With only a month’s head start for TechCrunch in 2005, it is undeniable that the competition is, and has been, overwhelming for our two “weblogs”!

Alexa’s’s traffic rank is 549, while’s traffic rank is 557 worldwide. According to Alexa’s ranking, TechCrunch and Mashable rank 212 and 218 accordingly in the US.

TechCrunch vs. Mashable Review – Part 1: Mixed Stats, Interface & Reviews!

But the above figures are available for all and it is not a secret to anyone that those two sites are rough to crack opponents when it comes to dealing with each other! Therefore, I invite you to stay tuned with us while we compare and contrast Mashable and TechCrunch from every possible aspect such as stats, interfaces, content, mistakes and more in a 2 parts review.

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