How Social Media Compromised Our World in 2009 [video]

My beloved “Noise to Signal” present you with: 2009 in social media!

An interesting video mostly condemning the way in which social media has twisted and altered our lives, chronologically and throughout the year 2009 covering Twitter and its victims, Facebook and its poorly presented new terms, Google’s latitude for tracking people, MySpace and its defeat and so much more!

Bravo Noise to Signal, you have nailed them all!

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Finally, what do you think of this video? Do you think is really portrays the reality of social media in 2009? What would you change if you had the chance to?

How to Hack Facebook: The Trick is Social Engineering

It is often neither security loopholes nor password cracking that allow people access our private information on Facebook without our approval. It’s actually our own human nature: the trust of a friend’s name.

Whether you like Facebook or not, the truth remains that Facebook is one of the best mainstream websites around when it comes to providing options with which you can protect your privacy.  Every time anyone discovers a new method for hacking private information, the guys at Facebook patch it the next day. What their security engineers cannot do though is teach the users to tell a social engineer apart from a friend.

And that’s why you need to be aware of this: the easiest way to hack Facebook today is by borrowing a chapter from psychology class. Hackers are not hacking as programmers anymore, they’re hacking as social engineers.


Don't add anyone as a friend

Don't add just any person as a friend

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To what extent are we really safe with technology? And how long can we depend on our phones and even computers to keep our information intact and safe from hacks and / or theft?

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If your access to is blocked, here are 5 ways and workarounds to overcome the censors and tweet your heart out. Do you have more methods to add?

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