Using Social Media to Promote Haiti Shops to US Consumers

Social media is, yet again, being tested to prove its worth, not solely to brands, services and products but also to a country and its economy.

Gelman and Brown, branding and social media experts, have a mission: attracting Americans to help earthquake-devastated Haiti the best way they know how: by shopping. How are they planning to do this? Through using social media, of course.

This is really about the rebranding of this country in the eyes of the American consumer,” Gelman said.

Made in Haiti

Made in Haiti

In order to create a drive for Haitian products, Gelman and Brown launched a made-in-Haiti promotional campaign on Facebook – an ethical consumer movement helping to support the rebuilding of Haiti’s economy in the wake of the January earthquake. “Choose Haiti” now has more than 30,000 fans.

Be Ware! Top 8 Social Media Scams So Far [videos]

Every time I turn around there’s a new scam.” Maryanne Bessette

Scams, scams, scams… All around, everywhere… Now and before, here and there!

And for the past few years, scams are spreading even more and taking on a new face for everyone using social media to be seduced and deceived by!

Can you believe that there are websites, such as, dedicated to unavailing scam online?

Therefore, and in efforts to keep you safe, at least from social media inflicted scams, here’s a mixed list of top 8 scams you should know about and probably take to mind when using Facebook, Twitter and social media in general:

1. Free Facebook iPad Offer is a scam, Sophos reveals

iPad FaceBook scam automatically signs you up for a $10 a week premium cell phone service post from: FSMdotCOM.

“I’m With Coco” – Learn Social Media by Example

As organic social media campaigns often are, this campaign became viral quite by accident. When Mike Mitchell, a huge Conan O’Brien fan, tweeted a link to a poster he created in support of Coco as a reaction to the Conan O’Brien/Jay Leno debacle.

: 1/5
: 5/5
: 1/5
: No
: 4/5

Social Media’s Hunt for Haiti Survivors!

Social media brings everyone together in support of Haiti and even further, in the hunt for survivors!

Social Media Says: DIAL 90999 For Haiti

Social Media Says: DIAL 90999 For Haiti

Screenshot of American Red Cross campaign

Following the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti this Tuesday, the Internet population was looking online for ways to help.

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