Don’t Piss on Youtube Because Google TV Might Just Piss on You!

Google Vs. Viacom

Google Vs. Viacom

More and more people are watching TV on the web through Youtube and Hulu. This phenomenon proved everyone wrong in the television industry because they believed people will not sit to watch an hour long show on their computer screens. That comes naturally to all industries, they are just too slow to react to revolutions in technology. The music industry is still fighting tooth and nail to maintain its hegemony on distribution and wrestling with iTunes over pricing and control.

So, naturally, television production studios and companies will try to head towards the same track as the RIAA and the music industry and try to fight the evolution. In the end, it only helps alienate their customers and shows them for their true colors. A bunch of greedy and hypocritical fat cats. A prime example of that hypocrisy is the legal fight between Youtube and Viacom.

Is Twitter Finally Choosing a Business Model?

Ever since Twitter secured as much as $100 million dollars funding last year, speculation went wild on what kind of business model they will adopt. In November, Twitter COO Dick Costolo confirmed that the first piece to fall into place is the Ad platform which he described as “fascinating. Non-traditional. And people will love it… It’s going to be really cool.

What We Know So Far?

Now we are getting closer to the day when this Ad-platform will be introduced publicly and it maybe as soon as next month during the South by Southwest Conference. According to the Wall Street Journal, the long awaited Twitter platform will look something like this:

  • The ads will be tied to Twitter search, displaying only the ads that are relevant to the search term.
  • The ads will be 140 or fewer characters, 3rd party applications will have the option to display the ads and Twitter will share revenue with them if they do.
  • Twitter will work with ad agencies at first but will move to a Google like self-serve model later on.
  • Non invasive and will be clearly marked as “sponsored” tweets

What we already know about the Ad-platform leaves a lot of speculations running in everyone’s head in relation to how it will work and what impact it will have on Twitter’s ever expanding user base.

What Will the Ads Look like?

An ad

An ad

Will the ads be clearly labeled like’s In-Stream ads? Or will they be more like “I am having the new Italian burger at McDonalds” and “My favorite Chips is so-n-so or the direct in your face kind of “Click this link and 20% off of your next purchase”.

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