The Weirdest Social Networks #implants #psychics #zombies

It’s one thing to be familiar with the big players of social media, namely Twitter and Facebook, but scratching the surface reveals a variety of niche, obscure, bizarre and interesting social media networks that cater to people’s every need and fantasy. To help paint a better picture of what kind of social media networks are out there, we at the Thoughtpick blog thought to go out and pick out the weirdest social media networks that are out there.

The Latest in GDT (Gold Digging Technology)

A site to let the gold digger inside you bloom. The site aims at connecting women who are interested in getting some plastic surgery done with men who are willing to finance those procedures for them. The way the website works is by making male users spend credits to be able to talk and send messages to female users, with each message or interaction the profile of that girl is funded accordingly.

MTV’s “Savage County – Demand It” Campaign — Learn Social Media By Example

It seems that MTV is catching a ride on the social media bandwagon that corporate siblings such as Paramount had with “Paranormal Activity” as it experiments with new distribution and marketing methods in the digital age.

In order to achieve this, MTV has teamed up with digital information service and marketer, Eventful, to launch a social media campaign for its forthcoming indie slasher film “Savage County”, which it originally had planned to release as a Web series.

From the movie: Savage County

Beyond selling ads around the film’s potential TV and digital distribution, MTV is looking to sell international rights and bring in syndication revenue.

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