My Starbucks Signature: An Experience You Don’t Wanna Miss!

Attention all coffee lovers, the brilliant minds at Starbucks have come up with yet another unique way to capture your attention and gain your loyalty: My Starbucks Signature!

Personalize Your Drink

Personalize Your Drink

So, What’s the Deal?

My Starbucks Signature lets you build your drink, name it, and share it with your friends. My Starbucks Signature can also show you nutrition information, but it’s wrong, at least in my case. It doesn’t show the result of all customizations.

The site is user-friendly and the steps to creating one’s personal drink is very easy.

My Drink :)

My Drink :)

The Perfect Social Media Fanatic Gift Guide

Do you feel the urge to spread the social media love in the analog meatland? Do you feel that some people need some more social media in their life? Or perhaps you feel that everyone will be put on the righteous path of social media fanaticism given the right kind of introduction or tool?

Regardless of the reason you convince yourself with, one thing should be clear in your head: A person with no friends or followers should not even exist, his existential strife should just tear him apart and hence your existence and its importance is tied to the percentage of the world population that get to hear about what you had for lunch. So if baiting others with a gift is the only way to get those privacy nuts, Amish or even toddlers to join social media then so be it!

Twitter Bear and the Facebook Penguin

Let’s face it, Twitter is not the most attractive platform, instead of having bright colors, pictures and videos you are essentially relegated to the SMS format so having a bear that would read your tweets in a cute Japanese Engrish accent is a great pull for girls of all ages. With this toy, they will be following you religiously in no time. On the other hand if your target is to add more Facebook friends then Pingo the Facebook Penguin is the right gift for you, a tomodashi for the social media kids. Though its a tad bit pricey at $150.

Kraft’s Mac & Cheese Campaign: Turning Your Tweets Into TV Ads

I might not be a number one fan of Macaroni and Cheese, nevertheless, I feel that I owe it to my blogging integrity to give some kudos to the brilliant marketing minds behind Kraft’s latest social media driven campaign!

: 3/5
: 3/5
: 4/5
: Yes
: 5/5

Japanese “Fit’s” Dance Contest — Learn Social Media By Example

Japanese “Fit’s” Dance Contest — Learn Social Media By Example

First Round Winners for Season 3

The concept is fairly simple. Get yourself a really popular idol like say Nozomi Sasaki, pair off with another cute guy say Takeru Satou add a chubby tubby girl for comic relief and have them all dance to more addictive than crack musical tune. And just to make sure that it does go viral create a dancing contest around the video...

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