10 Tips for Finalizing Your Breakup on Facebook!

Whether you think your breakup was a piece of cake, a nightmare or civilized yet utterly painful, you still have more things to worry about: finalizing your break up online!

Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn are easy to manage, you simply remove your ex from your list and he or she will vanish from your account. However, when it comes to Facebook, you have serious work to do!

Therefore, in efforts to help you finalize your breakup on Facebook, here is a list of 10 things you need to do:

1. Make sure you remove your ex from your friend list:

Although some might not agree, keeping your ex as a Facebook “friend” both complicates things and adds time to your grieving period. I know people who broke up with their exes and spent weeks after stalking their every move to see how long it would take them to begin a new relationship!

10 Tips for Keeping Your Twitter Followers Hooked on You!

Noise. Noise. And some more Noise… This is what the social media arena has become: a place filled with noise! However, the noise levels vary between one social media platform and another and this is obviously related to the number of people you “communicate” with and the reasons for that communication!

Tweeps just hate Twitter noise!

When it comes to Twitter, and especially when you have a product or service to promote, it is kind of difficult to limit the degree of noise that comes in between your and your “followers”, making it sometimes impossible to get your message across!

Therefore, I have decided to share with you ten simple tips on how to cut through Twitter’s noise clutter and keep your target audience hooked!

1. Please, please, cut the crap!

We all should know that there is nothing called easy money. Therefore, you should refrain from sharing or spreading tweets such as: “The best way to make money online http://miniurls.it/qYTNe4“. Not only is this kind of tweet considered spam, it is also annoying and can easily demolish your Twitter credibility.

2. Know your followers:

And no, I don’t mean start making house visits to each and every one of them! I am just asking you to take some time, visit their blogs or websites, know what they are trying to achieve from their Twitter experience. It’s not all about you! Even in a virtual world, there is always tit for tat!

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