Google Nexus One Phone Rumor Round-Up

There is a rumor going around that Google is set to release its own phone in the beginning of next year. Now speculation about the Google phone has been in the rumor mill for a couple of years, but it has really picked up after Google handed their employees what seems to be THE Google phone and pictures leaked out shortly afterwards.

The phone will be called Nexus One and it will be built by HTC, the same company that manufactures the Android G1 phones.  This will be the true Google phone since unlike the G1, Google will not be responsible for the software side only but they commissioned the hardware as well. The buzz worthy piece of information here is that the phone will not be tied down to a single network and will be unlocked. Which might be a game changer for mobile phone operators if the phone becomes a hit.

For a round-up of the rumor mill be sure to check out this video from SoldierKnowsBest.

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