Facebook Resistance Workshop: A Chance for A Change?

News update: Due to unforeseen circumstances concerning the trainer, the workshop will be postponed toto Friday April 22nd.

Ever wished that you could change or manipulate some of the many laws of Facebook? Your wish could finally come true through The Facebook Resistance Workshop by Tobias Leingruber, which will be taking place on March 18th, 2011 in Amsterdam.

Facebook Resistance

Facebook Resistance

Workshop participants will learn how browser extensions (e.g. Firefox Add-Ons) enable us to locally modify Facebook.com and distribute it to the masses. Leingruber will be presenting the experimental and artistic Facebook hack concepts to the participants before turning these concepts into a real software that users worldwide can download and share.

HTML5 + Google Street View = Music Video 2.0

The indie rock band from Toronto is no stranger to innovative and interesting music videos, their “Neon Bible” web music video was thoroughly amusing but its innovation is dwarfed by their latest release “We Used To Wait”.

The Arcade Fire

In this video, The Arcade Fire and Director Chris Milk create a holistically personalized music video  experience and they utilized HTML 5 technology to deliver it. The video starts by asking you to input your childhood home address after which it will pull images from Google Earth, and Google Street view and age them in order to incorporate them into their video giving the entire soundtrack a nostalgic feel. Midway through the video, the user is provided with the opportunity to write a postcard to the current resident of their childhood home bringing us full circle in our thoughts of how it felt to grow-up in our childhood home. There are also a few Easter eggs around the website as well.

What Can HTML5 Do for You?

HTML 5 is the next generation of base platform of the web, while it’s still in draft that didn’t stop a large number of developers and companies to start showcasing some of what the platform offers.

Apple is one of those companies that is very excited about HTML5 and is pushing heavily for wider adoption for the technology. They have produced a showcase of some of the techniques that people should be looking forward to using in HTML5. The reason why Apple likes HTML5 is because it helps cure some of its flash phobias by providing native support for graphics within the HTML framework.

Sea World Connects Coaster Enthusiasts — Learn Social Media by Example

Sea World Connects Coaster Enthusiasts — Learn Social Media by Example

The Journey to Atlantis ride

I'm not sure if there are any statistics, but the internet seems to be one of the best niche-marketing platforms out there. It's easier for communities that share a passion for a very particular object/service/hobby to network around each other with the tools that the Internet provides.

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HOW TO: Build a XHTML Valid WordPress Blog with DISQUS Plugin [Download]

HOW TO: Build a XHTML Valid WordPress Blog with DISQUS Plugin [Download]

Remove role=search from general-template.php

How to fix your Wordpress blog to be XHTML 1.0 Transitional valid with DISQUS plugin installed. With fixed version 2.33.8752 to download added June 2010.

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Semantic Web 3.0: The day you will have your own assistant, maybe?

Semantic Web 3.0: The day you will have your own assistant, maybe?

Web 3.0!

The Internet, since its inception, facilitated sharing and accessing information but the information on the web was not interconnected. What the semantic web attempts to do is allow computers to socializes with each other and share and understand the information that interests them or their users and pull other relevant information...

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