Feb-2010 Must-watch Videos: Skinput, OK Go, Youtube 101 & Chatroulette

The nature of the internet is filled with a lot of information and seeing it animated and simplified visual is certainly a blessing, since it opens our mind to new ways to see our world. Whether it’s through maps, info-graphs or psychedelic illustrations videos on the web surely added a much needed freshness to information and data on the web.

Hopefully with more bandwidth we will see more innovation in this field but for now we can enjoy some recent videos that have been noticed on the web by the Thoughtpick bloggers:


Think of the possibilities for this one! This is actually a working prototype for the ultimate in mobile computing. Add a Wi-Fi capability to it, and make it as sexy and small as an iPod and you got yourself a decade long hit. Now I might find it difficult not to mention that I would find it uncomfortable to hold my arms in a fixed position for too long. Although it is slightly different it and definitely reminds me of Sixthsense technology.

Source – Mashable

Information is Beautiful [video]

If there’s only one video you’ll watch this month, then make it this one.

Aside from the fact that it’s a sight for sore eyes when it comes to design, this video is a fountain of information that really gives you a complete overview of the state of the Internet today.

Spam is King

One of my favorite parts of this video is their information on spam.

Out of the average 247 billion emails sent per day, 200 billion of them are spam. Wow, yeah?

I don’t really understand why their is so much spam in the world. You’d think that by now, you’d have the Anti-Spam Consideration Front, the PETA of the Web. Why isn’t there such a group yet?

The other very interesting part in this video is about Facebook’s exponential growth, with a staggering 6 million page view per minute. Does that make Facebook the queen of spam? :)

[Via FlowingData]

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