Hunch: The Decision Maker — App Review

Make a Hunch?

It is very easy to become an expert at anything, all you would need to do is invest 10,000 hours learning and working in a specific domain to become an expert in it.

That is if you have the time for that, at 60 hrs/week, you will hit the 10,000 mark a few months after your 3rd year. For the majority of people, they are lucky if they achieve this milestone in a single field and a lot of people don’t even get to do that and hence we rely on those whom we perceive as “experts”. If you want to buy a camera, you talk your friend who seems to know a lot of about cameras, and if you need to buy a laptop you sit down and a “chit-chat” with the geekiest of your friends, who’s besides himself that someone is yet again asking him for support. tries to fill in that gap and become your own personalized expert that recommends things that fit your whims and tastes.

The Hierarchy of Internet Needs [Infograph]

A while back my colleague Beirut talked about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how it fits in with why do people tweet. The discussion that this article sparked was both interesting and polarized. So when I saw that the people at Flowtown have created “The Hierarchy of Internet Needs” I knew that I had to share with our readers.

FrontierVille – The Budding Champion of Facebook Games

FrontierVille is the latest game from Zynga and it’s make inroads in the Facebook gaming community and managed to add over 3.7 million user this past week alone. The Game took many of the elements that make other Zynga games addictive and put them together to create, arguably, their best game yet!

Free Hugs Campaign — Learn Social Media By Example

Free Hugs Campaign — Learn Social Media By Example

Hug the World

Free hugs is a real life controversial story of Juan Mann, a man whose sole mission was to reach out and hug a stranger to brighten up their lives. Read more to learn how he achieved his dream and got people interested and buzzing!

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Dove Self-Esteem Campaign — Learn Social Media by Example

Dove Self-Esteem Campaign — Learn Social Media by Example

Free Dove self-esteem shirt

Learn more about conducting successful social media campaigns through this amazing campaign executed by Dove: The Self-Esteem Fund.

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