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5 Great Google+ Features

After all the begging and the waiting, I finally got an invitation to Google+ and frankly, I must say that I am very impressed with what they have done so far! And though many people are comparing Google+ to Facebook, I can already tell how different they are from the smallest details and features.

Google Plus

Google Plus

So, what are the features that make Google+ this attractive? And why is it being called the “social backbone” of the web these days?

  • Circles: Google has come up with the exclusive concept of circles — you can create a circle of contacts that are family, friends, work friends, former co-workers and so on. With these circles, you can define who gets to see what kind of updates. If you are a Facebook user, you will see that this features is still unavailable and rolling it out now is a bit too late!
  • Hangout: It is essentially group video chat done in a unique and different way; all you need to do is click on the Hangout button and invite members of a certain group by sending them a notification. Moreover, Google uses its own platform to perform this rather than a third party.

HTML5 + Google Street View = Music Video 2.0

The indie rock band from Toronto is no stranger to innovative and interesting music videos, their “Neon Bible” web music video was thoroughly amusing but its innovation is dwarfed by their latest release “We Used To Wait”.

The Arcade Fire

In this video, The Arcade Fire and Director Chris Milk create a holistically personalized music video  experience and they utilized HTML 5 technology to deliver it. The video starts by asking you to input your childhood home address after which it will pull images from Google Earth, and Google Street view and age them in order to incorporate them into their video giving the entire soundtrack a nostalgic feel. Midway through the video, the user is provided with the opportunity to write a postcard to the current resident of their childhood home bringing us full circle in our thoughts of how it felt to grow-up in our childhood home. There are also a few Easter eggs around the website as well.

The Walled Gardens of the Internet

It is one thing for Prince, or whatever name he is going by these days, to proclaim that “the internet is dead” and that “all these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers and that can’t be good for you.” It is a completely different thing when a […]

Quirky News of the Web — Feb 2010

While news like the new Google Buzz and the new Facebook interface and soon to come mailing system dominate the headlines there are always smaller headlines that tend to go unnoticed. They are the headlines that let us know how individualistic and unique some of the interactions on the web can be, and how much social media is shaping our world in ways that we could not have fathomed 20 years ago.

Google Dashboard: Google’s Answer To Privacy Concerns?

Google Dashboard: Google’s Answer To Privacy Concerns?

What Were They Thinking?

To Counteract this seasonal hailstorm of concerns, this time, Google has introduced the Google Dashboard. The Dashboard will include all the information they have regarding your Google account and offer a one central location for you to manage the settings of all your Google services and accounts. Or is that what it really does?

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Google wants to Speed up the Web! Is your site optimized? [video]

Google is re-writing their search rank algorithm to include load time as a factor. They hope that this move will improve users' experience of the web at large.

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