Hyundai’s Cure Crampomitosis Campaign

For decades, we have been insidiously and systematically programmed to think that compact cars are better than they are and that they can’t improve any more. Hyundai decided to change that!

Hyundai gets creative!

Hyundai gets creative!

Campaign Idea & Objectives:

“Millions of compact car drivers are fighting against leg-buckling Crampomitosis, caused by a chronic lack of leg room. These choice-starved people have knees riddled with teeth marks, toes pointing in impossible directions, and seemingly no choice when it comes to a comfortable car to drive”. Hyundai

It is essential to mention here that Crampomitosis is a made up condition that Hyundai have invented to help call attention to their Social Good Imitative.

Hyundai is donating $0.50 to Americans for the Arts for each person that joins their Facebook Causes page up to a max of $25,000 but they will also match every $1 donation with another dollar again unto a max of 25k.

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