Abine Launches a Delete Button For the Internet! [video]

This week may mark one of the greatest launches yet made in the history of the Internet: Abine, a US based privacy company, has launched DeleteMe.

What It Does:

Instead of tracking down your old content and profiles online, Abine offers a service that costs between $10 and $100 to track down and remove your data online. The service combines a mixture of automated and manual processes to track down personal information. Abine staffers will do much of the leg work, taking advantage of privacy regulations and firing off emails and faxes to unresponsive networks.

Although Abine can’t yet guarantee the deletion of all of your personal information online, they promise that “they are doing their best“.

INFOGRAPH: Do You Know Who’s Watching You?

A researcher that packaged and posted the information of more than 170 million public Facebook profiles on the internet caused a certain ripple of concern. Nowadays, privacy is an ever growing concern for a lot of people, and they are becoming aware of the importance of privacy and securing their information on the web.

Although people are starting to realize how compromised their information is, they still don’t have the slightest idea of the extent of privacy invasion that they have become complacent to. We have talked extensively on our blog about privacy and tackled various aspects of privacy on the web and how to maintain it, but I found this infograph by Word Stream and it really packages a great deal of information and delivers the right amount of shock for people to start doing something about their privacy.

Enjoy the infograph below…

Blippy: Could This Insanity Have a Purpose?

Well privacy in the new social age is a very illusive ideal. Some people, like one Mark Zuckerberg, think that privacy is dead but even they try to reclaim their own private space! With Blippy privacy is not just dead, privacy has been dug up from its grave chopped up, processed and sold as piranha food.

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