5 things that really shouldn’t be on Facebook!

Facebook is a wonderful place; it is absolutely filled with all sorts of information and some of that should NOT be shared publicly.

Using a combination of Openbook , a website that lets you search Facebook’s status updates, and the consultation of the nosy people of the neighborhood, we came up with the 5 things that should not be publicly shared on Facebook.

1. Phone numbers

If you have a new phone number, how about an SMS to everyone you know for the update? Or if you can’t help but do it on Facebook, at least use messages rather than posting your phone number where the entire world can see it.

Who should I prank call?

Openbook: Want to prank call someone?

Caution: Internet Idiots Revealed!

The Internet is such a wonderful place; it gave us a multitude of interesting services, simplified our lives, and made the world a better place. In general, there aren’t two people that can dispute the power of the Internet but there is one thing that one visit to the Youtube’s comment section that is made blatantly clear; the Internet just helped expose the collective stupidity of humanity!

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

The Internet has provided us with ample number of examples of how the human race might actually need divine guidance because if it was a game of “survival of the fittest”, we would definitely not qualify to even participate!

Falling in Love…. Again!

Oh, online romantic relationships, how devious are thee! Adnan and Jamila were a Jordanian couple who started a sizzling hot Internet relationship in what probably classifies as a seedy corner of the Internet. Oh how they were in love, and how they thought they have found the perfect partner to spend the rest of their lives with. They went ahead of themselves and started dreaming of getting married and made plans for their future until the faithful day when they met and Jamila was faced with the screams “You are divorced, divorced, divorced” – the traditional way of ending a marriage.

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