5 Great Facebook Contest Ideas

FYI : According to Facebook Promotions Guidelines all contests need to be administered through 3rd party apps.

Sometimes, all you need to increase the level of interaction on your Facebook Page is to sweeten the deal a bit with a little contest. This will not only give people a reason to keep on checking your page, but it will also increase the exposure of your brand and excite new brand fans of to join your page. Here are some contest ideas that you can refer to for inspiration.

The “Tag” Marketing

Simply post a picture of your product or your brand on a weekly or monthly bases and ask your fans to tag themselves in various parts of the picture for a chance to win either the items tagged or some other prize. IKEA was probably one of the first brands to leverage this technique effectively and it was a great hit with their fans.

Scavenger Hunt

While a scavenger hunt might be a bit more taxing on the contestants, its benefit is that it forces contestants to check your information a bit more in-depth. You can create a scavenger hunt on Facebook by laying out a trail of clues that might stretch over from your social media presence into your website or even Google maps. Buick is about to run another contest in their series of city focused scavenger hunts, which have been very successful in the past.

A Chicago Scavenger Hunt

Is Digg Hacked? Or is it Just the Most Brilliant Ad Ever?

If you visit Digg and then view their page source, you would see this piece of ASCII art embedded on top:

The ASCII art in Digg's source code

The ASCII art in Digg's source code

Wow. Has Digg been hacked?

Of course not.

How to Brand Yourself Online

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Ikea’s Social Marketing Genius

Watch that movie and weep. It’s not sappy of course, but its so simply brilliant it’s almost hard to bare. Ikea practically invents Facebook tag marketing. How? They use the photo tagging function where users were able to tag objects in photos of Ikea showrooms with their own names to win these very products. What […]

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