The Game Layer on Top of The World [TED Video]

This was a really amazing TED lecture that I thought about sharing, the possibilities that open up in your mind, after listening to this lecture, are truly amazing. The concept is very simple: the evolution of social networking has reached its apex and settled on a platform; Facebook. Now, the way forward would be to develop the gaming layer.

What he means by the gaming layer is not limited to the traditional sense of game. To explain what he means by a game he goes on explaining 4 different game dynamics; incentives for playing a game. One of my favorite examples is that of the happy hour, and how it is a game in a sense that win by showing up at happy hour and earn your 50% off.

What was fascinating about this lecture was the realization that so far the internet has been solely and mainly driven by internal motivators . People mostly contributed to the net because they wanted to, so what if someone have figured out a way to dynamically change people’s incentives to do things on the web, and get them to work for an end?

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