Be Careful of What Links You Share via Social Media!

“What your husband reads online can get you beaten to death when pregnant!”

Our lives now have recently started revolving around links; those our friends share with us, those we come across on Twitter, Facebook, Mixx, Stumble Upon, Digg and so on and links that we find and share! It is safe to say that, due to social media, links play a very important role in shaping the way we think, what we believe and what we do as well!

As a result of this deduction, it is very important for us to pay attention to what we share online. We now have a responsibility towards those people we interact with online; they depend on the information we share and we must always try to validate the information, when possible, in order not to cause or promote chaos, aggression, violence and drama!

The following is an example of something that happened with me a few days ago: I was going through my Mixx shares and I came across an article entitled:

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