The Hidden Influence of Social Networks [TED Talk]

There seems to be word about a hidden influence of social networks which many of us are unaware of. Personally, I haven’t figured it out yet, however, Nicholas Christakis did! Christakis is an American physician and sociologist, known for his work on social networks and other factors that affect health, health care, and longevity.

I was always interested in knowing if anyone has looked into what effect virtual networking has on people’s lives. This is how I stumbled upon some studies by Christakis in the first place. In those studies, he talked the effect social networking has on actual reality and it was equally intriguing and important.

Here are some of his observation and findings:

Top 10 Climate Change Twitter Lists You Want to Follow

The Twitter Lists feature got so popular instantly and thus a third party service – Listorious – emerged to offer some great tools to search and browse available lists. Climate activists may have been lost among our Twitter crowd, but now, we can follow a whole lists of Climate experts and stay updated.

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