Facebook vs. Twitter [infograph]

I have often wondered about the difference between traffic on Facebook vs. Twitter. I became interested through my daily use of both due to the nature of my work.

Recently, and after using Tweepi to filter out inactive Twitter followers and add the active ones, I started noticing that although there is a huge number of users on Twitter, many of them have been missing in action for many months! Facebook, on the other hand, seems more alive and its users seem to be generally more active.

Therefore, as soon as I came across this infograph by The Next Web, I thought it is worth sharing with our readers to help them get a clearer view of how they can better use Twitter and Facebook for advertising their products or services.

Facebook vs. Twitter

Facebook vs. Twitter

After seeing this infograph, did you get a better idea on how to reach your target audience via Facebook and Twitter? Do you think this information is 100% accurate?

Looking forward to your comments and insights down below…

Infoporn: Twitter by the Numbers

As we mentioned earlier, we think that the best way to run a social media campaign is to know your audience.

Previously, we talked about the state of the Internet today, where small-to-medium businesses spend their marketing money, general statistics about Internet usage, and the amount of information being shared online. Today, we have three nifty infographs about everyone’s favorite micro-blogging platform; Twitter.

Is Twitter Losing Its Tweet-Factor?

Personally, I think Twitter’s “Tweet-Factor” is increasing. You can make your own conclusions though:

Information is Beautiful [video]

Aside from the fact that it a sight for sore eyes when it comes to design, this video is a fountain of information that really gives you a complete overview of the state of the Internet today.

Infograph: The State of the Internet Today

We believe that to pull off great online campaigns, you need to be familiar with the audience. Not your audience in particular, but the larger Internet audience that might com across your campaign. It is essential to keep the Internet’s demographics in mind when creating any online content.

Seven Things We Now Know From 2009’s Search Results

Seven Things We Now Know From 2009’s Search Results

Yahoo Search Query Breakdown

Although 2009 is almost one month short of being over, Google has already published its yearly Zeitgeist, charting the year's most popular searches, and subsequently charting the mindset of the world, as reflected digitally. Naturally, Yahoo and Bing followed suite.

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