Facebook Launches Its Own Version of “Retweet”

Obviously, since our last bout of complaining about how Facebook should realize it won’t ever be Twitter, way back in August, Facebook is still trying hard to become more like the micro-blogging platform.

This decision eludes me; I feel like there’s a main distinction between the two social networks, where Twitter is external and Facebook is internal. Facebook is more about friends and Twitter is more about content curation. Facebook is about digital communication with our real-world friends, while Twitter is about interaction with other netizens.

Eluding or not, Facebook started rolling out a new feature this week for its users. This feature is basically its own version of “retweet”, where the user can share what their friends shared, while sending an automatic hashtag “tag” a la Twitter as a notification.

How It Works

You are reading something a Facebook friend shared and you think “WOW, I want to share this with my friends too“! All you do is click a button, smartly placed next to the familiar “Comment” button.

Facebook "Share this"

The "Share" button is right next to "Comment" and "Like"

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