File-sharing is coming to an end! ACTA Copyright Treaty Secrets [video]

Secretly and behind closed doors, the United States and several European countries are working on drafting a new copyright trade agreement which, among other things, will try to tackle the issue of illegal file sharing by compromising your right to privacy.

The agreement will allow law enforcement agents and custom officers to have the right to search, copy and confiscate any information that infringes against copyrighted material. It will also adopt a three strike rule; if someone commits 3 copyright infringements, their ISP is liable and responsible for cutting their internet connection. In order for the ISP’s to do that, they will have to annul the privacy of your communications and inspect every communication that you carry on their network.

How do you feel about this agreement? If stopped by a customs agent asking to search your laptop will you comply? Or even better will you be in trouble? Let us hear your thoughts.

4 Technologies That Will Shape The Future of Mobility

Ever since the introduction of the mobile phone, there has been a shift to add more and more functionalities to mobile devices. We have reached a point where there is plenty of functionality packed into a little device such as a Blackberry or an iPhone but we have also lost something in the shift to mobile computing. The quality of the interfaces has been always dependent on your thumb size.

Now that phones are handling more and more media, the display is being recognized as lacking, and even features such as Wi-Fi connectivity are still being fought over in courts. Soon enough those compromises shall not need to be made.

Here are some of the technological breakthroughs that will help take mobile computing and smart phones to the next level. This is not a promise of flying cars and personal robots – Roombas aside – but these are technologies that are currently available, and in the future will probably play a part in enhancing the mobile computing experience.

Virtual Keyboard:

Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Keyboard

One of the biggest qualms people have with their phones is the QWERTY interface that is often too small and restricts typing speeds. There is a perfect solution to the problem: a Bluetooth Laser Virtual keyboard which will project a keyboard on any flat surface. The keyboard promises to deliver the same experience as a regular keyboard even down to the keystroke sounds. If the laser can pick up a gesture as a keystroke, it might be made to evolve into something more picking up on gestures such as point and click and variety of other interface options. This device will now set you back $150.00.

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