Infograph: The State of the Internet Today

Today, the Internet world is more important than ever. Our lives are interwoven with it, both private either with a DSL, cable, or fiber internet provider and corporate business internet.

We plan our outings, keep in contact with friends, and communicate with each other on the Web. Our daily business dealings revolve around email, online resources, and collaborative software like Google Wave. We get our news online, watch our movies on YouTube, and keep-up-to-date with Twitter. More importantly, the Internet, and Social Media in particular, are proving to be very important to the way we advertise and market ourselves, our products, and our ideas.

Keeping up with ThoughtPick’s latest “Learn Social Media By Example“, we believe that to pull off great online campaigns, you need to be familiar with the audience. Not your audience in particular, but the larger Internet audience that might come across your campaign. It is essential to keep the Internet’s demographics in mind when creating any online content.

We will be using parts of our latest favorite infograph, created by Focus, to explore the different facets of online existence.

These illustrations use 100 circles to help visualize a crowd of a 100 people, and how they live in the online ecosystem.

The Basic Information: Gender, Age, and Income


Who uses the Internet

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