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HOW TO: 10 Ways You Can Contribute to the Climate Change Movement #BAD09

Note: This post was published on the 15th of October to support the Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change.

The clock is ticking; time is running fast. On one hand, we can’t really predict when will the tipping point be; the point where we are left out helpless and can’t reverse the damage inflicted on our planet. On the other hand, only little time is left before Copenhagen’s global summit that will take place on December; little time for us to solve the conflict of interests between the different countries around the world. Copenhagen may be our last chance to pull ourselves together and come up with a decent treaty that would save thing planet.

What can we do now? and how can we contribute to the movement and build up awareness for the summit? That’s what we’ll be covering in this post.

1. Use Twibbon to add “TckTckTck” to your Twitter Avatar



Twibbon is an easy way to promote awareness about your cause on Twitter. It adds an overlay to supporters’ profile images (avatars) so that everyone else can see it.  Tck Tck Tck movement is trying to gather enough people from around the world to raise their voices and help pushing leaders into taking needed courageous acts. Tck Tck Tck came up with a cool Twibbon that you can add to your avatar and show support. So far, there are 732 twitter profiles with TckTckTck ribbon.

2.  Join

35o is a global movement that conducts different events around the world to spread awareness about climate change. They are calling for an international day of climate action that will take place in 9 days – on 24 October -. Currently there are 2367 planned actions in 153 country around the world – Make sure you’re a part of it!

3. Organize an offline event and promote it via Facebook

Facebook is a great tool to organize events. If you didn’t find any interesting event close to your home town on website, then it may be a good idea for you to organize your own event. Use Facebook and gather people around this cause… be initiative.

HOW TO: Blog About the Latest News Scoops Using Yahoo! Pipes (Part 1)

A good chunk of a blogger writings is usually based on fresh news stories that are making the headlines. The fresher the story, the higher the chance for the blogger to make an impact. We, Thoughtpickers, are carrying a social media blog which aims to bring a variety of informative and interesting discussions and topics about social media. As a part of our job, we have to deliver you our perspective and commentary on fresh social media news, and thus we were inclined to figure out how to get that chunk of fresh news as soon as it is reported.

Y! Pipes Screenshot

Y! Pipes Screenshot

A brief about news sources:

Our experience and research led us to the following 4 sources of fresh news, and the ways to obtain them as they develop:

One-way broadcast news sources (Web 1.0 style):

  • News agencies and news networks which operate in the real world. The best news aggregator we found is Google News. It aggregates many of the main news sources including AP, Reuters, CNN, NYTimes, …etc. It is also categorized which, in turn, allows us to pick the category that interests us the most – tech news in our case. In addition to that, it also offers alerts via emails or RSS feeds.
  • Press releases issued by companies around the globe. Press releases are covered partially by Google News if a company issues frequent press releases and  is listed as a news source by Google. Some of the top press release distribution services we found are:,,,, Moreover, one of the best press release search engines we stumbled upon is EurekAlert which also sends alerts – as the name suggests. But again, after a lot of hours spent clicking around and comparing different services, we believe that Google News covers press releases in a reliable and fast way, so there is no need to consider other sources for press releases.
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